Since 2010 helping companies and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life as web applications with Python/Django and a friendly smile.

  • Moreno P. Cunha
  • moreno.pinheiro (a) gmail com
  • Vitória ES, Brazil

About me

  • My proudest professional achievement .

    Back in 2009, I landed my proudest professional win. I joined AIESEC (at Vitória Federal University, UFES) as a volunteer with the objective of changing the world by changing myself by traveling abroad (exchange program). I snagged a super competitive software developer internship at GaiaX in Tokyo! Out of all the AIESEC members in 127 countries, they picked me after an intensive six-month selection process. That trip to Japan to join their web dev team as an intern shaped the skills I have today, both professional and personal. Later, I'm thrilled to be back on the GaiaX team, contributing to the research, creation, and development of the project.

  • How I can be helpful? .

    I bring a strong balance between creativity and analytical thinking. This allows me to tackle complex challenges by approaching problems from both creative and logical angles. I consistently seek opportunities for learning and growth (reason I find my work so fulfilling). My passion lies in crafting solutions that improve efficiency and user experience. My research skills and ability to grasp intricate technical details make me a valuable asset to any project.

  • Plans to the future .

    Working as a web developer in today's dynamic technological landscape is a true privilege. This role allows me to leverage my creativity and technical skills to bring ideas to life through innovative web applications. I thrive in collaborative environments where I can partner with individuals who share a passion for turning ideas and insights into reality. In my experience, a successful project requires a balance between technical expertise and creative vision.

  • Weak points

    I don’t have fast or memorized answers for tough issues but, given a little time and dedication, I can work my way out of any problem.


  • Security Challenges Content Provider 2018 - Present

    Secure Code Warrior · Bruges, Belgium

    I actively develop security challenges in Python, Django, and Flask frameworks to simulate OWASP's Top 10 Web Application Security Risks. These challenges encompass a range of vulnerabilities, including injection flaws, identification and authentication failures, and server-side request forgery. This allows developers to test their applications' resilience against these common threats. (For a full list, visit

    Keywords: Python/Django, OWASP, Flask/Python, Web Security.

  • Software Developer and Researcher 2016 - Dec/2017

    Gaiax Co.Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

    Working with the research, creation, and development of, a blockchain-based identity verification service. This project leverages the Django REST framework and incorporates expertise in cryptography, web security, identity proofing, authentication, and face recognition. Additionally, I contribute to the ongoing research on machine learning applications within the project.

    Keywords: Python/Django, Django REST API, Microservices, Webhooks, JAVA (android), Heroku (server), AWS, Ansible, Research.

  • Full-stack Web Developer (Python/Django) 2014 - 2016

    UCL – Faculdade do Centro Leste · Serra, Brazil
    On Site

    I played a key role in bringing the first Portuguese version of the Open edX (Harvard/MIT) learning platform to Brazil. As part of the ESO project team, I led the implementation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance of this critical educational resource. In addition to this project, I also actively contributed as a developer on the platform's Python/Django backend.(

    Keywords: Python/Django, Open edX Platform, JavaScript, AWS, Ansible, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB (NoSQL).

  • Full-stack Web Developer (Python/Django) 2012 - 2013

    Giftovus, Inc. San Diego, CA, US

    I worked in a multicultural web development team, effectively collaborating with remote colleagues. Daily scrum meetings fostered open communication, where we brainstormed new UX/jQuery ideas, explored the integration of APIs and GitHub Django apps, and collaboratively improved the codebase. Taking ownership of the deployment process, I played a key role in ensuring a smooth launch of our projects.(

    Keywords: Python/Django, Tastypie API, Backbone.js, jQuery, Bootstrap Front-end framework, Docker Cloud (server).

  • CTO / Full-stack Web Developer (Python/Django) 2010 - 2012

    Instituto IDEAS · Vitória, Brazil
    On Site

    I was honored to be selected as a web developer for the inaugural IT division at Institute IDEIAS. My contributions were recognized, and I was later promoted to manage the telecommunication infrastructure and web development team. In this leadership role, I successfully implemented agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, and XP to optimize team workflow and project delivery. (

    Keywords: Python/Django, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Linode (server), MySQL

  • Web developer - Trainee 2010 - 2010

    Gaiax Co.Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
    On Site

    My internship with the IBD development team provided a valuable foundation for my future career. During this time, I actively participated in web development projects, gaining hands-on experience with "modern" frameworks like Catalyst/Perl and Python/Django. This experience instilled in me the importance of commitment, discipline, and teamwork, which remain core values in my work ethic today. (

    Keywords: Python/Django, Catalyst/Perl, Google App Engine, JavaScript, HTML5 (canvas), Shell Script, Apache, MySQL


  • Technologist degree in Analysis and Systems Development2005 - 2009

    Instituto Federal do Espirito Santo · Brazil
    On Site

    Developing the code for my final graduation project in Python was a pivotal experience that laid the foundation for my technical expertise. This project involved simulating network layers with Python, including routers, switches, and network cards, to enable the sending and receiving of a "PING" signal. By successfully configuring this virtual network and achieving data transmission, I gained valuable insights into computer network operations. This hands-on learning experience has undoubtedly contributed significantly to my current level of technical knowledge. (

    Keywords: Research, Programming logic, Web Development, Computer network, Software Engineering, Project management, C (language), JAVA, Python, Blender 3D


  • HarvardX • CS50's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python: Master the Fundamentals and Solve Real-World Problems 2023 - 2023

    David J. Malan and Brian Yu

    This hands-on course from CS50 dives deep into the core concepts of AI and Machine Learning, empowering you to tackle real-world challenges. Explore graph search algorithms, classification, optimization, and reinforcement learning – all while gaining practical experience with Python libraries. By the end, you'll be equipped to design intelligent systems, apply AI techniques in your work, and understand the theory behind cutting-edge technologies. Future-proof your career and join the AI revolution – enroll now! (

    Keywords: Computer Science, Data Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Algorithms, Programming, Python.

  • Ethereum Solidity Developer Masterclass 2017 - 2017

    Thomas Wiesner and Ravinder Deol

    Dive deep into Ethereum blockchain development. Our online course teaches you Solidity programming, empowering you to build sophisticated, real-world distributed applications on the Ethereum network.

    Keywords: Solidity (ethereum), Ethereum Smart Contract, Blockchain

  • M101P: MongoDB for Developers 2014 - 2014

    This comprehensive course equips you with everything you need to build MongoDB-powered applications. Master key concepts like installation, JSON, schema design, querying, data insertion, indexing, and language drivers. Explore working in sharded and replicated environments for scalability. Hands-on exercises guide you through building a real-world blogging platform backed by MongoDB, with all code examples provided in Python. Even if you're new to Python, a brief introductory section gets you started quickly.

    Keywords: MongoDB (NoSQL)

  • Welcome to the Django - Henrique Bastos 2011 - 2011

    Become the owner of your own business and learn Python/Django to meet customer demands. Best practices (TDD). Be part of the developer community, make friends, and be happy. (

    Keywords: Python/Django, Heroku (server), TDD (Unit Tests)

Web frameworks

  • Python / Django

  • Catalyst / Perl

  • Ruby on rails

JavaScript frameworks

  • React

  • Vue.js

  • AngularJS

Web design

  • LESS / Sass

  • CSS3

  • HTML5

  • Bootstrap

Best practices

  • TDD (Unit Tests)

  • PEP8 - Style Guide

  • Behave Tests

Other languages

  • JAVA (android)

  • C

  • Shell Script

  • Solidity (ethereum)


  • Docker

  • AWS

  • Ansible



  • Apache

  • Nginx

  • Node.js


  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • SQLite

  • MongoDB (NoSQL)

Some of the (Django) projects I'm proud of